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5 star for this!

If you are looking for a watch that doesn't have to be charged very often along with the perks of a smartwatch, mainly steps and sleep tracking, this watch does the trick.
⭐Arrives fully charged.
⭐Long Lasting Battery
⭐Gives the weather for today/tonight and tomorrow! I was so excited when it notified me that it will rain tomorrow! It gives me time to “prepare for rain"
⭐sleeptimer that calculates REM, deep & overall sleep.
⭐It isn't ugly & has two bands to hold the big band down.
⭐Reminds me when I've been sitting too long and says to "move around". Great for taking breaks if you work at a desk!
⭐Text Messages arrive in a folder that I must manually access by long pressing the ONE touch area in the watch.
⭐The background can be changed to any image you want!
❄ there's only one button and it only goes forward in the list of watch features. So if you pass what you are trying to select, you have to go through the entire list again
❄the stopwatch only works while it remains in the stopwatch selection and easily resets itself by accidental tapping.
🌈 Overall
😁the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I love my watch and other people say "I want one" when I announce a accurate, sounding, report of my steps and sleep.

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This smart watch keeps track of almost everything you need to know. From heart rate to sleep monitoring, it does it accurately too. I tried wearing it every time i go to sleep because i want to know how many hours of sleep i get everyday. So far it’s been giving me proper readings. It’s not as better as an iwatch but for the price, it’s totally worth it. You can connect it to your phone to do pictures and listen and control music. It looks great in your arm too. There’s still a lot of things you can do with it, and i’m finding out many things everyday i wear it. I currently have a fitbit and i must say, there’s more stuff in this smart watch.


Smartwatch arrived in short time. Cute, discrete material. I believe you just unreliable for detections of pressure and the heartbeats. Values very very high compared to reality.


It seems to work) it is necessary to check with the standard


Arrived very quickly as always I recommend this seller, the only problem is that this time not arrived in original box arrived in a paper box and all mixed

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