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its perfectly on my iPhone 6S. Not too thick so it still fits in my pocket. All ports are easy to access and the volume button is still easy to use even though it's covered. The only small annoyance is the toggle button for the silencer for the ringer. Have to dig a bit into the hole to switch my phone from ringer to silent. I could see this being a problem down the road with the case ripping eventually if I'm not careful. But for the price and what it does no real complaints. Definitely will buy this again when I need a new case.


I've purchased the same case for my iPhone for the last 3 iPhones I've owned (4s, 5c, 6s) and I'll continue to purchase them each time I upgrade. They are very great cases. The silicone protects the phone and glass from minor drops as well as sticks to surfaces nicely without sliding around or scratching. It fits snug, much more so than my 5c did when I first got it. Quality is great, just like pictured. As for shipping, I had two day with prime and it was delivered the next day. Very quick and packaging was great.


I think the just the look of the case alone is worth the price, but the fact that it also ACTUALLY plays the games is what made this an instant buy imo!

The build of the case is solid. My iPhone 8+ fit snuggly inside and it isn’t too difficult to take out.

The buttons on the back of the case are solid and responsive, and the screen is a good size.

Just remember to be gentle with it. Even though it’s a case, it’s also a working game system and isn’t indestructible! Overall, I’m happy with it


First, I would like to say the seller is very kind and they respond to any questions you have. 10/10 customer service, I recommend this seller. Secondly, I wanted to wait a couple of days so I could get the feel of this case before I left my review. I’ve had this case for only two days and it’s honestly better than I imagined it was going to be. I had high hopes for this case and it exceeded my expectations within the first 5 minutes I had it. There are games on here that I forgot existed and seeing them again has created the greatest feeling of nostalgia. All of the games work amazingly and you can set the sound to low, medium, high, or mute. I love the quality of this case. The only downside is you have to take it off when you have to charge your phone but for this case, it’s worth it. I will be buying this again in white. Thank you so much!


This is AMAZING!!! Perfect throwback to so many old games and just as good! The sound is like the perfect volume (and you can mute the sound), the case itself is sturdy enough to play without your phone even in it, and a good amount of the reviews I read said it didn’t come with a charger, but it definitely did!

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