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I attached this sweeper on a 1500psi electric pressure washer to sweep the top dirt on our driveway.

Pressure is is not the best!
Because i just used a 1500psi and its electric.

It did help me clean the top part of the floor.
Which makes the cleaning easier for me, using a single nozzle.

It makes the job, faster and efficient/productive.

I suggest, use at least 2,000 psi if you need deep


I have a fairly robust pressure / washer rated at 3000 psi/2.7 gpm. This product does work as a broom but it doesn't clean mold off of the concrete very well. It leaves streaks and gaps where the water didn't touch or wasn't strong enough to clean. You end up having to go over the same area twice or even 3 times in order to clean the mold off of the concrete. I would venture to say that 3 jets would do the job better but I haven't tried that yet. My neighbor has the round broom and it worked but the swirling wand stopped moving often enough that it wasn't worth the extra money that it cost. In the end, the single jet flat spray pattern was the method I used to clean my driveway.


I bought this product to power wash a deck that had quite a bit of green mold on it or green moss growing on it it did not do a very good job getting the hard Parts out so I had to go back with the wand by itself if you were just doing concrete to blow off things it would work great but to get heavy things out of the cement or off of a deck it doesn't do a very good job


I gave this four stars because the fourth nozzle stopped working right away. I blew compressed air through it but haven’t tried it again. I really like this product mainly because it helps my back after surgery not to bend down and it uses far less water. Like some other products it doesn’t do a great job and removing everything and that due to high pressure loss, going from a single nozzle to four will do that. So you need a good high pressure washer to start with. This would be great for maintenance washing like after the hard stuff is removed. It’s fast and easier so keep that in mind.


Fantastic quality Price Thank you

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