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The 20 Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Celebrated around the world, this is traditionally a special day of love, romance and joy – but equally one that can strike absolute dread into the hearts of men and women everywhere! 

That’s right,this special day can be incredibly stressful! Why? Because it can be so difficult to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one! 

But fear not! Here at HipMod, our expert team have hand-selected ten gifts each for the special woman or man in your life. We’ve looked at romantic gifts, practical gifts, personalized gifts and downright funny gifts. 

However, all of them areperfect for saying Happy Valentine’s Day, and adding a smile to the face of your special somebody on February 14th! 


Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 

We begin with a look at ten Valentine’s Day gifts for women that extend beyond the clichéd (and frankly quite boring) presents of flowers and chocolates. Instead we have highlighted some more interesting items to inspire you: 


#1 – Love Explosion Box 

Let’s start with an outstanding Valentine’s Day gift that will blow her away! The Love Explosion Box is a unique giftbox that, once opened, unfolds into an explosion of memories, emotions and love. 

You begin with a blank canvas of high-quality craft paper. This can be used as a romantic scrapbook, where you add things that mean something to both of you – photos, stickers, handwritten notes, movie ticket stubs, and even receipts from restaurants you dined at. You’d be surprised at how a small scrap of paper can bring back so many memories! 

By following the instructions, this creative keepsake is easy (and pretty fun!) to put together, and allows you to truly customize the explosion to wow your recipient. Guys, here’s another hint: the Love Explosion Box makes for a very romantic way to propose – just add an engagement ring to the box and watch her face light up! 


#2 – 100 Languages I Love You Necklace 

Do you ever struggle to say ‘I love you’ to your lady? We completely understand– which is why we suggest this exceptional 100 Languages I Love You Necklace this Valentine’s Day! 

On the face of it, it may look like a simple little necklace. However, when you take a closer look at the mysterious center stone, something amazing happens. By adding a little light to the stone, the words ‘I love you’ are projected out in one hundred different languages. Whether she is Spanish, Italian, Chinese or English – or she speaks any one of the other 96 languages – she will know exactly what you are saying! 

Featuring incredible nano-engraving technology, the hidden message has been etched onto the center stone, so only you and your partner know it is there – until light is added! Undoubtedly, it is the perfect way to say those magical three words this Valentine’s Day


#3 – Sexy Striped Bathrobe 

When it comes to the bedroom, buying underwear can feel a little too overwhelming for some guys – especially if you don’t know your lady’s size or tastes (hey, bras can be very complicated!). Steer clear of a potential Valentine’s Day disaster and instead opt for this stunning Sexy Striped Bathrobe. It’s the perfect way to buy something romantic that won’t get you a slap in the face! 

Made from an easy to care for and lightweight satin-finished polyester, this elegant robe features a timeless executive design and a seductive knee-length cut. With fine stitching,flattering vertical stripes, and a playful cute pink lips logo on the belt, this robe will be appreciated by the special somebody in your life. 

It’s sophisticated but sexy, and practical too – perfect for wearing alone or over loungewear. Due to its lightweight design, she can also take it with her wherever she goes. 


#4 – Personalized Necklace 

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love this necklace, and she will too! There is no better way to show your lady how much you adore her this Valentine’s Day than with a personalized gift. It shows you have been thinking of her in advance of the big day, instead of desperately searching the local grocery store for something suitable! 

Make a great impression with this glamourous Personalized Necklace. Featuring a simple but stylish design, this exquisite item is created solely for her. Whether she has a popular name like Sarah, Emily or Megan, or one that is very unique – like Maia, Celestina or Palomina– her face will light up at seeing it recreated as a nameplate necklace. 

In addition to the name, this bold and sophisticated necklace features a timeless design that can also be customizedwith colors and fonts that match her individual style.


#5 – Handheld Coffee Machine 

It’s time to wake up, smell the beans and get practical with your Valentine’s Day gift! Whether she is a complete diva before her morning espresso or a real Starbucks addict, this handheld Coffee Machine is sure to impress. 

This is the ultimate portable espresso machine, allowing your lady to create her own quality espresso wherever she is, whether stuck at the office or out on a weekend camping trip. This hand-operated machine needs no external power or batteries – instead it relies on a little hand power. A few pumps are all that’s needed to release that delicious bold Italian espresso. 

Buy her a bag of her favorite ground coffee to go with it, then all she’ll need to do is add hot water for an intense caffeine hit. When she is sipping her mid-morning pick-me-up, you can guarantee she’ll be thinking of you! 


#6 – Yoga Set 

Here’s another super practical Valentine’s Day gift thatis sure to get the heart racing! This stylish Yoga Set is just perfect for a special somebody who feels her sexiest when she’s exercising. 

Whether she is a yoga guru, dance class obsessive, or justa permanent fixture in the gym, this striking two-piece Yoga Set will make the ideal gift. Available in a range of sizes, this gorgeous set is crafted from a lightweight, breathable and fast-drying polyester, so it fits the body comfortably and stretches well – no matter how tricky the yoga pose. One Handed Tree pose? No problem! 

Coming in two bold color choices, both with contrasting white stripes, this set is easy to mix and match with the rest of her sports wardrobe. The figure-hugging and flexible fit keeps the suit sexy but supportive for everything from yoga to running, weightlifting and dance classes. 


#7 – Rose Soap Flowers 

If she’s had a tough day, the first thing she is likely to reach for is the bathtub tap! Baths are undoubtedly a women’s not-so-secret weapon at combatting stress. So, allow her to truly indulge in her next bath by giving her a box of these romantic Rose Soap Flowers for Valentine’s Day

While fresh flowers are lovely (although they die too easily), this special set contains 21 individual handmade rose-shapedsoap flowers that each feature vibrant tricolor petals. These petals quickly dissolve when placed in warm water, resulting in a delightful floral fragrance, a rich foam and a soothing sensation. 

They feature nourishing natural plant essences, fragrant essential oils and hydrating glycerol to help her care for her skin. Arriving in an attractive heart-shaped box (it is Valentine’s Day after all!) and with a cute teddy bear, these are guaranteed to brighten up her day.


#8 – Luxury Bathroom Bamboo Bath Shelf 

After reading the last item, you will know how important relaxing bath sessions are to the lady in your life – so we’re adding another bath-related gift to this Valentine’s Day list! The Luxury Bathroom Bamboo Bath Shelf is a practical essential for any modern woman who loves to soak for hours. 

Made from a strong, water-resistant bamboo, this shelf extends across most bathtubs and allows the user to safely arrange everything from an iPad to a glass of wine. Gone are the days of her having to prop things up on the side of the tub or worryabout getting her book wet. 

The Luxury Bathroom Bamboo Bath Shelf features a metal rack to prop up a book or tablet, as well as an integrated wine glass holder and notched area for her smartphone. Trust us – if she loves watching movies and drinking Merlot in the bath, this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for her! 


#9 – Heng Lamp


For the woman who cares about design, functionality and a chic living space, this award-winning Heng Lamp is a smart choice for a Valentine’s Day gift! Created by designer Zanwen Li, this magical USB-powered lamp was awarded the popular international Red Dot award in 2016. And it’s no wonder, considering the way it can light up any room! 

The main attraction of this elegant HengLamp is in its innovative power feature. You simply lift the lower wooden sphere up to meet the hanging sphere, and watch as the magnets attract in the center of the arches. This connection powers the lamp, which offers a warm and cozy glow. It’s a showpiece lamp that is guaranteed to draw attention from guests. 

With a stylish design and long-lasting, low-energy operation, it will be one gift that makes her think of you every time she turns it on! 


#10 – Personalized Adjustable Ring

We complete the first half of our Valentine’s Day gift list with a final item for the special lady in your life. This Personalized Adjustable Ring is an exclusive piece of jewelry that just screams romance! 

It is a stunning showpiece that is completely customizable, allowing you to add two individual names and two accompanyingshimmering birthstones for a truly one-of-a-kind item.Of course, the names you select are completely up to you, although choosing hers and yours would be a fine tribute to your loving relationship. 

The ring itself is gorgeous, with a distinctive twisting design, while the names are expertly engraved into the fine rhodium-plated metal. Available in three elegant colors,the ring is fully adjustable so it can be comfortably worn on any finger –sizing is never an issue.Be sure to add a twist of romance to her Valentine’s Day with thisexquisite ring. 


Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Let’s not forget the men of the world – they deserve a great Valentine’s Day gift too! Here are our top ten picks for perfect presents for men:


#1 – 3.5L Beer Dispenser Machine 

Any shrewdwoman knows that the true way to a man’s heart is through beer! So, give him a Valentine’s Day gift that will make him think of you every time he pours a frosty pint,with this innovative Beer Dispenser Machine

Forget cumbersome cool boxes or missing that touchdown on TV because he was running to the fridge – this dispenser holds 3.5liters, which gives him up to seven pints of beer on demand (just remind him not to drink it all at once!). 

Standing at 20” tall with a cool retro design, the Beer Dispenser Machine is the perfectaddition to his mancave or for the next time his pals come around to play poker.It features a smooth bar-style tap allowing him to pour an authentic pint of beer, while the built-in cooling system allows himto chill his drink without diluting it. We’ll raise a glass to that! 


#2 – Whiskey Stones

What do you mean he doesn’t like beer? Actually, don’t worry – we have the perfect backup gift! If spirits are his tipple, be sure to treat him to this superb set of modern Whiskey Stones this Valentine’s Day. 

Usingstandard ice cubes for whiskey is a surefire way to dilute the drink and ruin the refined flavors. Instead, these elegant stainless-steel ice cubes offer him an effective way to quickly chill his favorite whiskey and taste the purity – without drowning it. 

Coming as a set of eight cubes in their own storage box, these simple stoneshave been ergonomically designed to ensure they are comfortable and clean when touching his lips. Thefast-freezing liquid refrigerant that is stored safely inside each cube means that they only take a few hours to freeze. Perfect for everything from single-malts and scotch to other spirits and cocktails, they are guaranteed to enhance any drink!


#3 – Luxury Bracelet


Just like women, modern men love looking their best at social engagements and special events – and nothing completes an outfit like a smart bracelet. This is exactly why this impressive Luxury Bracelet makes an outstanding gift this Valentine’s Day! 

With a confidentdesign, a lot of character and a little sparkle, this elegant piece is a must-have for men who want to make a bold first impression.This distinctive trio of bracelets features stacking capabilities, allowing him to weareither a single band, or two or three bracelets together. Any man will appreciate this flexibility to his wardrobe! 

Each bandlooks incredible and has its own individual style, with the highlight being the impressive imperial crown centerpiece. However, the regal theme extends into other areas of the bracelet, with sophisticated metal and shimmering stones catching both the light and the eye! 


#4 – Retro Gramophone

Whether he is a music buff or just finding his feet in the world of vinyl, this Retro Gramophone is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the man who loves quality audio!

This portable gramophone features two high-quality speakers on the front of the device and is able to play his entire music collection wherever he goes. It can naturally play 6”, 7”, 10” and 12” vinyl records at a variety of speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM), as well as his modern Spotify and iTunes playlists, as it also comes with simple Bluetooth connectivity. 

The fact it sports an awesome retro design certainly makes this a must-have for any audiophile. Plus, with a lightweight design and comfortable handle, it is easy to carry around. To make it an extra special Valentine’s Day, buy him one of his favorite albums on vinyl and listen to it together! 


#5 – Vintage Shave Kit


Fact – men love to look good! And while beards and stubble are popular, nothing beats the feeling of a cleanly shaved face. That’s why giving him the gift of shaving this Valentine’s Day will make you a very popular partner. 

Unlike using generic razors, this Vintage Shave Kit offers him the chance to put the fun back into shaving. The kit comes with everything he needs for some quality time in front of the bathroom mirror. It features a traditional cutthroat razor with a sharp 7.5cm stainless-steel blade that safely folds into the handle when not in use. 

Presented in an attractive wooden storage box, this set also comes with a vintage-style fine bristle shaving brush for applying soap, as well as a traditional leather and canvas strop to clean and condition the blade. This luxury set is sure to be a fine addition to his bathroom and travel bag. 


#6 – Poker Set


If your man is still playing poker with matchsticks or coins, it’s time to treat him to a real poker set this Valentine’s Day.

 Coming with everything he needs for a great game – including chips, cards and dice – this Poker Set brings the fun of Las Vegas to his kitchen table! The set features 100 two-tone acrylic chips in four colors, allowing him to set the denomination to suit his game. It also comes with a white acrylic dealer button,two quality decks of 52 playing cards, and five red dice. 

To top things off, it is all packed together in a sophisticated aluminum alloy attaché case with a convenient and protective briefcase design – ideal for storage and travel. He may be a fan of Texas Hold’em, Omaha or five-card draw, but there’s only one game on the cards this Valentine’s Day – strip poker! Enjoy the game… 


#7 – 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker and Flashlight


Perhaps your man is an outdoors addict? Whatever his passion, whether he loves hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, give him this impressive 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker and Flashlight for a practical gift that he will truly cherish this Valentine’s Day. 

This portable battery-powered device combines both a Bluetooth speaker and a flashlight, proving endlessly useful for somebody who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. With a cool stealthy design, it is also incredibly rugged, sporting a robust plastic caseand durable silicone cover. 

It features two 10-watt speakers for powerful delivery of his favorite playlists direct from his smartphone, as well as two torch bulbs for an effective flashlight. This feature hasfive different operation modes, including a potentially life-saving SOS pattern. Built to meet IPX6 waterproof standards, this device also makes an excellent shower speaker – perfect for when he returnshome after a few days in the wilderness!


#8 – SmartWatch 

This is another awesome Valentine’s Day gift for the man who loves spending time outdoors or in the gym! This affordable SmartWatch – which is compatible with both iOS or Android –is packed with a plethora of features to help him reach his fitness goals. 

There is so much on offer, including an accurate pedometer (perfect motivation for when he’s trying to reach his 10,000 steps), as well as an effective sleep monitor, a heartrate monitor, and a sedentary reminder. 

It also features useful day-to-day applications such as the ability to take calls and push text messages from his phone, in addition to an alarm clock, a calendar and a remote control for his music player. Whether he wants to lose a few extra pounds or simply keep up to date with his notifications without checking his phone, this SmartWatch is an intelligent gift this February. 


#9 – Wooden Bow Tie


One of the coolest Valentine’s Day gifts on this list is this unique Wooden Bow Tie, which is ideal for the fashion-conscious gentthat loves to make a statement. 

With a distinctive design, this is a delightfully stylish accessory that completes any formal dinner suit or causal shirt perfectly. This top-quality one-size-fits-all bow tie is elegantly carved from a stunning Black Walnut with a durable polyester fabric centerpiece in a variety of designs to choose from. 

Coming with an elasticated band that hides under his collar, fitting this bow tie is easy. Simply slip it over his neck with ease and he’ll be ready to go in seconds! The Wooden Bow Tie comes as part of a set that include a pair of gorgeous 2cm diameter Black Walnut cufflinks that match the bow tie perfectly, as well as a gift box in which to store the set.  


….and a Final Gift for BOTH of You!


Custom Figurines 

Perhaps we have saved the best Valentine’s Day gift until last – and it’s one for both of you! These Custom Figurines truly bring your relationship to life and will be a gift that both of you will absolutely adore. 

The talented sculptors use your original photos to handcraft every figurine. The result is a perfectly formed miniature version of both yourself and your partner. They are incredibly unique and are made with jaw-dropping detail. 

You choose the faces, clothing and poses, and the artists will do the rest. You may want them to recreate you doing something you both love, from skiing to dancing. Or you may want to be cast in your wedding dress and morning suit for the perfect wedding topper. Made from a versatile and durable plastic resin, each vibrant figurine stands at between 18cm and 22cm tall, so are perfect for displaying anywhere!




Whatever gift you end up buying for your loved one, we hope it leads to a happy Valentine’s Day for both of you!


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